Our Philosophy

Acupuncture Business Success System (ABSS) was created to offer the highest level of Clinical Standards and Structure to improve patient outcomes so that “selling” is never necessary.  We believe in creating success in an acupuncture business based on the following 4 pillars:

  1. Medical excellence – utilizing all knowledge and skills taught in Chinese Medical school and incorporating Western Medical objectives such as BP, heart rate, temp and pH
  2. Practice excellence – implementing a clear system of care and evaluation based on Case Reviews, initial treatment series, and Reevaluations along with Perfect Professionalism with clear communication and implementation of several communication channels with 24 hour response.
  3. Patient Partnership Excellence – developing a foundation of trust through explanations and translations of Chinese Medical concepts and studies into patient’s every-day language, Marketing without “selling” by offering outstanding value that magnetically attracts and retains patients that want the best you can offer
  4. Customer Service Excellence – the “customer is always right”, 24 hr advance reminder of appointments as well as follow-up calls within 24 hours after initial services or when symptoms are acute.
Staff at desk

Our Fabulous Staff!

This is not about overcharging or over-treating to make money.  This is not about tweaking different components of your business to “squeeze more money out” of it or the people you help.  This is about stepping fully and profoundly into your role as a Chinese Medical practitioner.  This is about being so damn good at what you do, how you do it and how you explain it, that you don’t have to “sell” it.

It sells itself.

People are looking for exactly this level of care and service.  They’re going from doctor to doctor in search of exactly this model.  I know I did.  I spent almost 2 decades searching for this kind of practice, and couldn’t find it.  So, Bryan and I created it.

This model is about offering what you do at the highest level so that you don’t have even the slightest regret about the tiniest aspect, but feel proud and excited every day to help others in the best way possible with integrity and compassion.  You’ll wish you were your own patient.



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