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CATAPULT YOUR Acupuncture Business to the TOP! TIP #4:

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Caroline Burdulis, LAc during a consultation

Did you ever stop to think or tell your prospective patients HOW FABULOUS you are?? Unless you tell them, they don’t know that:

1. Acupuncture is only ONE modality of the Chinese Medical SYSTEM.

2. Chinese Medicine IS an ENTIRE Medical System, which, like Western Medicine, has developed MANY tools and in its toolbox are: acu, botanicals, tuina, diet and lifestyle knowledge, and QI Gong, and THE LIST GOES ON!!

3. This MEDICAL SYSTEM (and please start using this phrase daily in your practice as you speak with your patients!) has ITS own understanding of physiology, pathophysiology, disease, health, and diagnosis.

4. YOU do NOT need a Western Medical diagnosis, since YOU are highly trained and skilled in making an Initial Working Diagnosis based on Chinese Medical principles of analysis of symptoms and that YOU are going to ANALYZE and DIAGNOSE as you are LICENSED to do!
…..BE SURE TO TELL THEM THIS, explaining how you go about making a diagnosis and then the thought that goes into point selection. If you just give a treatment without this prelude, you lose the ability for them to appreciate the VALUE you have to offer. There will be less understanding and therefore less trust and you will not be seen as the authority they will want to accept protocols from.

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NCCAOM Diplomate of Oriental Medicine Certificate… achieved after completion of all 5 national examinations

5. You have been taught and shown proficiency in, through standardized NATIONAL TESTING, at least 3, or some of you 5, areas of an entire medical system that, just like Western Medicine, requires 4 years of full-time education!

5. Many of you have 3200 hours of training, the longest Masters program in the United States! TELL YOUR PATIENTS THIS AT YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT!


Caroline & Bryan

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