Gotta PEEP with Your Peeps!

The Number ONE Mistake Most Acupuncturists Made Today that will cause them Financial Despair, Forcing Them To Close Their Practice

People Who Need People

We are all about PEOPLE. Therefore, our ability to develop a relationship with our patients is absolutely essential. But how to do it??

…Practice makes perfect…

And, The only way to practice is to TALK with thousands of people from thousands of different backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. You see, and I never really thought about this until recently, …it’s not about us! We are so eager to help others and offer our knowledge and skills, that we may not have taken time to think about what our patients want and need and HOW they want our knowledge offered.

In other words, you and I have chosen to SERVE. We wanted to help other people, so we spent years studying and practicing and now have the knowledge. Unfortunately, we may not have developed all the social skills we need TO help others! Can we talk to the shy person as easily as the loud, irritable person? Can we help those who are very wealthy as easily as we help those who are very poor?


Our job is to be the person that our patient needs. If they are loud and boisterous, then we should reflect that same personality back to them as that is what they understand and appreciate and therefore can relate to, which gives us the best opportunity to help them! However, if they are shy and withdrawn, we should similarly speak more quietly and perhaps lean back in our chairs to be able to give them the space that they need. This will help them feel more comfortable to be themselves and feel comfortable confiding what they need to in order for us to help them from where they are psychologically and emotionally. It’s about our being who they need us to be so that we can helpB Tongue DX2 them and not being “who we are” because it’s not about us!!

So, it is ESSENTIAL to go to your computer first thing tomorrow morning and google “events” for your local area. Set up a booth, which can be as simple as a card table with a decent tablecloth, some business cards and a few brochures.

The key is to engage everyone that walks by.

I’ve found the best way to do this is to set up an easel with a giant picture of a tongue and ask passersby if they know that their tongue can tell you what symptoms they are likely suffering from.
As you speak with people, you will develop CONFIDENCE AND SKILLS you never realized you needed or that you could develop. It works like magic!


Caroline & Bryan

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