Are You Being Divided??

AVOID These TOP 3 MISTAKES Most Acupuncturists Make

that Keeps Their PRACTICES EMPTY and Their

Business Teetering on the Brink


Ever hear of “Divide and Conquer?”

It’s the concept of separating or diffusing a group of people in war which weakens their greater collective strength, allowing the opposing group to exert their own collective strength and win the war. This is what happens when you divide your energy into little bits and pieces, constantly switching gears from one thing to another.

It’s the ENERGY REQUIRED to start something new which is needed to focus your mind, body and emotions that becomes depleted when shifting from one area of endeavor or thought to another. This same energy is then depleted again as you RAMP DOWN from one area of focus. So, energy is lost in stopping one thing and lost again in starting the new thing.

…THE Best way to prevent this is to GROUP YOUR SIMILARLY-FOCUSED EFFORTS into one block of time!!!

For example:

Group all of your acupuncture treatments together each day. In other words, move from one treatment to the next, without dispersing your time and energy by inserting a Case Review or Consult or new Patient Screening, etc. into the middle of a group of acupuncture treatmentdownload Aug 31 015s.   Then schedule all your Case Reviews, new Patient Screenings back to back in their own group. You will increase your energy and focus and improve your results by maintaining your focus for a block of time.

Similarly, keep your Practice in ONE LOCATION!!! Pick one location and let patients COME TO YOU! They will if you specialize and market yourself as THE person. Think of how much time and energy is lost as you move from one location to another?? Closing down mentally, emotionally and physically from one location. Switching gears and ramping back up/opening up at another location. Don’t kid yourself…YOU ARE LOSING A LOT OF ENERGY AND FOCUS!


I see some practitioners even divide themselves between 3 practices! Whew!!
Far better is it to spend all that time running around in growing your practice in one location by improving your marketing skills, making sure to send a SINGLE, CLEAR MESSAGE to the world through your facebook page, ads and presentations that you set up in your local and surrounding areas.


They say “KISS” is the answer to so many dilemmas. In other words, Keep It Simple Stupid. Now, I know you’re not Stupid!!! But the point is to FOCUS YOUR MESSAGE. If you have listed on your website and facebook page, etc. that you treat 50 things, how many people will come in? You think that you are broadening your message to bring in a greater audience, but you are…


It’s imperative that you focus on one area, sending one clear signal so that signal can be understood. The best part of this is that by positioning yourself as a Specialist, the public understands that that means by default you’re good at all the basic stuff, so they come in FOR ALL THE OTHER CONCERNS BECAUSE YOU ARE THE EXPERT IN ONE!!!June 24 2014 download 057

I want to see those chart holders FILLED TO CAPACITY AND THEN SPILLING OVER ON THE FLOORS!! (because you have sooooo many patients!)


Caroline & Bryan

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Where’s Your PROOF??

START your SUCCESS ENGINES!! This SIMPLE alteration can be made TODAY!!
Ever wonder what a prospective patient thinks when they first sit down to discuss their concerns with you in your office?? Take a good look around. What does it say about your abilities?

Most likely it’s calming and relaxing, but does it convey the message that YOU CAN HELP THEM? What items WOULD convey your experience and expertise that would have meaning FOR THEM?


Our culture is designed around proof. We ask for a receipt showing proof that we paid for an item. We ask for proof of identity when going through security at the airport.  One of the most profound “proofs” we can show to our prospective patients of our abilities and knowledge is the full collection of our licenses and certificates!!

So, one of the most important and inexpensive measures you can take today is to prB passport photo 2014ominently display on the wall behind where you sit, so that the patient facing you can see them, ALL of your diplomas from college, Chinese Medical School, NCCAOM, State board licenses, etc.

MAKE sure to put them in large, beautiful frames!! You are showcasing and honoring your achievements!! Watch your patient’s eyes as they glance repeatedly at the wall reviewing the amassed knowledge depicted in those frames! This engages them in your care, establishes your authority granted by the various licensing bodies and prepares them mentally to choose YOU as their provider!

Today is the PERFECT day to REV UP YOUR Acupuncture BUSINESS! DO IT!!!

To Your Success!!

Caroline & Bryan

I’m so excited you’re HERE!! Let’s BUILD YOUR PRACTICE!


And Hello FELLOW ACUPUNCTURIST!  Wow! I’m soooo glad you’re here and can’t wait to hear how your business starts to pick up by implementing key strategies we found made all the difference in creating our successful Practice. Little did we know it, but over the years, many of our colleagues referred to us as “legends” because of the success of our practice in little Missoula, Montana!  Then we discovered we were in the top 3% of all Chinese Medical practices in the nation!

Wow!  I had no idea…we just worked 24/7!   But, we know you can do even better with far less work by benefiting from our “tried and true” tips that took us years to learn and were instrumental in our success.

Thank you!

I want to say, “THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!!” YOU are amazing because you decided to help others, YOU had the foresight to decide to study the most incredible medical system on the planet that actually has the potential to change our entire medical system and YOU DID THE WORK to get licensed! Whew!!

80% Go Out of Business in 5 Years

One tiny problem… 80% of us have to close our doors because we can’t make it financially… And that’s why I’m here, blogging my little heart away to offer you as much help as I can so you can do the work you were born to do!

My heartfelt mission is to help EVERY Single Acupuncturist be as successful as they want to be and then help them go beyond their dreams to what they never dared to imagine was possible! The sky’s the limit!!

Why do less?? We want to help as many people as possible with this miraculous system of medicine, to change our patients’ lives, to improve their relationships and send the ripples of change around the world and move Chinese Medicine to the forefront of Health Care!

Business Success Solution

I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to prevent EVEN one more Of us from having to close our business, because we couldn’t make it work financially. This dire situation can ABSOLUTELY be turned around and better yet, … Prevented!


Caroline and Bryan
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