Are you too “woo woo?”

“What do you know anyway?” This is what a lot of your patients are thinking when they first meet you and considering you and acupuncture in general as a possible approach for them to take for their symptoms. They think you’re “woo woo” and that you don’t believe in science! Little do they know, the highest form of research is tried-and-true experience and, let’s see, I think 5000 years is substantial!!

Chinese Medical doctors have spent thousands of years analyzing how, when and why the multitude of pathologies arise. The information and theory has been painstakingly documented and then reanalyzed by thousands more practitioners.  It’s been discussed and debated and revised and refined.  Hundreds of our doctors gave their very lives to ensure this knowledge was maintained and passed down for posterity.

Chinese Medicine

has stood the TEST of time.


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Standing the test of time… the Rocky Mountains, Montana

Our medicine is actually science AT ITS BEST! But, your prospective patient doesn’t know that!  So, let them know that you actually embrace science and scientific thought by telling them pertinent Western Medical research related to our industry and your abilities with their symptoms. Here’s a goodie for you: Science has found a specific gut bacteria that is responsible for food allergies.


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Bryan Watrous, LAc as a Chinese Medical professional teaching about the science of acupuncture to a prospective patient

Position yourself and abilities by telling them how scientific Chinese Medicine is since you successfully treat food allergies! Therefore, you are able to reestablish gut flora and balance!! WHERE’S YOUR PROOF, YOU SAY??? “Proof is in the pudding” I say, i.e. the very fact that symptoms improve and frequently completely resolve (if you’ve really honed your skills in this area) are ALL THE PROOF YOUR PATIENT NEEDS!
Just mention that you know about the study and that you have the skillset they Need! They’ll be impressed and you’re one step closer to a new patient!

To Your Success!

Caroline & Bryan

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Are your services WORTH IT??

As an Acupuncturist, you are considered to have a “Professional Degree“, i.e. you are in a profession like chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists and architects which requires licensing to practice a specific profession requiring analysis.  This category does NOT require that you have your Doctorate.


You may find it interesting that the median (by the way, “median” is a better number to look at since “average” includes those with UBER high incomes as well as uber low.  “Median” is the number you get when you remove the uber high and low and then take an average of everyone left in the middle.) annual income for others with a professional degree is $88,530!

Additionally, remember that this figure reflects those receiving a “salary”, meaning that there is almost always a benefits package equal to about 30% of the salary which provides for paid vacation, paid holidays, health insPresentations 047urance and retirement.  So, $88,530 with a 30% addition to give you the same overall salary package as others with your skill set is $115,089.

Since most businesses have 50% of their revenue that has to go to overhead, rent, electricity, office supplies, etc…

Your practice should gross $230,178!

That’s the amount of total revenue your practice should gross to give you the median, i.e. just the middle-of-the-road income as your fellow Professionally degreed colleagues.  It’s now the low end, but it’s certainly not the high end.  This is what you should expect.

       …SHOCKER, RIGHT??

You and I know it’s not about the money.  We love to help.  There’s nothing better in the world than helping people.  The look of relief on their face when you’ve taken away the pain.  The family and friends that tell you they can’t believe the difference in the loved one you treated.  The woman whose husband came into our practice after our treatments for a month that said, “Thank You.  I didn’t believe in this and thought she was just wasting our money, but I don’t even know when she has her menstrual cycle now, because she’s always happy and it was tearing our marriage apart before.”  Those moments are precious and they’re really all the payment we need.  We’d do this for free.

Unfortunately, most of us almost do.

But our rent isn’t free and our education wasn’t free.  We have to eat and have a place to sleep like everyone else.  Why shouldn’t we be able to afford a home and save for retirement like everyone else?  Don’t you deserve it?  Haven’t you worked hard to earn it? And, what about the value of your services?  Aren’t they worth it?  What would you pay or pay for your husband or child to relieve their suffering?  What have you had to pay?

Money simply says, “I value this” and to what degree.  You don’t have to make the most, but why should you make the least?


Caroline & Bryan

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Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!

The Top 3 Reasons an Acupuncture Practice is Successful That You Would Never Guess and Cost NOTHING!!!
In real estate, they say “location, location, location.” But why?? Because no matter what house you buy or business you rent, it’s only as good as its location. For example, if you live in a fabulous mansion in the middle of the Sahara with no close acces to food and water…FORGET ABOUT IT!

But for a Chinese Medical practitioner, it’s CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE! No matter how amazing your acupuncture skills are or how perfect your diagnosis and bedside manner, if you can not stand up tall, with shoulders back and chin uplifted and with no hesitation, speak in a clear and precise manner, you will not be seen as the incredible practitioner you are! Your advice will not be heeded and there will be only a few patients that find their way to your door.
So stand in front of a mirror and practice! Stand on both feet, as you stand on the shoulders of the men and women who worked tirelessly for generations to create this outstanding body of knowledge. Breathe deeply as you breathe in the Qi of our ancestors. Speak with authority and confidence just as you practice with the engrained experience of your years in school.

If you do not feel this confidence yet, allow yourself to be an open channel for the ancients to speak through. They support you, you have the knowledge from them, YOU embody the medicine and have everything you need. Let our history simply flow through you and utilize your EXCITEMENT of what you know can be achieved TO PROJECT THIS BODY OF KNOWLEDGE!!

Creating Events that CRUSH IT!

Wow! I just spoke with a dear colleague who asked me how we were able to get so many new patients from the events we did! This is a really broad topic. There’s so much that goes into creating events that CRUSH IT!! But here are a few things to remember in terms of what’s called “mindset”.


Mindset is really about your mental perspective and preparation. By the way, did you realize you are selling yourself? That sounds weird to hear and feels uncomfortable to write, but this is a realization I had years ago and is a major reason why you will attract only a few people or a lot of people! People are really investing in YOU! Any patient that’s never been to an Acupuncturist before, will decide on you… based on YOU! It’s the amount of trust you inspire and the confidence you command, so it’s essential to address your state of mind before speaking to others at an event.2014 (47)

1. First of all, there’s nothing that’s more fun! You have the chance to talk with HUNDREDS of people! You might think this sounds TERRIFYING!!! But, think of it as an opportunity to hone your skills. Since I include Tongue examination, I get to see hundreds of tongues at events. This has dramatically improved my range of knowledge (I’ve seen things I NEVER saw in our textbooks!!) and my ability to correlate tongue patterns with symptoms.

By the way, super important, when you’re having fun with this, they’re having fun and will feel a connection with you, since you inspired this emotion, which makes them eager to work with you!

2. EXCITEMENT!!! This is CONTAGIOUS and CRITICAL!! If you’re not excited and passionate and able to convey that to this new person, a gem that you have the opportunity to polish and watch as you help bring them to their full potential of radiance, they won’t get excited about working with you!

3. So, DO NOT try to “sell” to them! Don’t sell them on you or the medicine.



In Fact, trying to “sell” or simply being too anxious to help will make them suspicious and push them away.  Remember the first few dates you had with a really nice guy you likely would have otherwise liked, accept for the fact that he was just too anxious and eager?  We always want what is just beyond our grasp, so be “cool” and relatively neutral.  You can still be excited about what you do but NOT OVERLY excited to have them make an appointment.

The good news is YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Simply tell them how much you know, how long you’ve trained and the amazing things the medicine can do and share with them what you see on their Tongue. Your passion and confidence will be irresistible.


I get really pumped up and start the event by listening to some of my favorite music that gets me excited and dancing and singing at the top of my voice! Of course, this is on the way to the event and I’m sure my fellow drivers think I’m nuts! Gyrating wildly with arms in the air!! It’s embarrassing… you get the picture.

So, remember, before your next event or speaking engagement or even before seeing the next new patient:

1. Listen to your favorite, “get pumped up” music, dance around wildly to get the Qi flowing and build your excitement and energy!
3. Relax and HAVE FUN with it!
and finally…

4. KNOW THAT YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY 5000 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!! Visualize the thousands of practitioners that poured the hearts and souls into this profound MEDICAL SYSTEM surrounding you with the GOLDEN LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE and then just let it all pour out!!

Here’s to your SUCCESS!!
Caroline & Bryan

I’m so excited you’re HERE!! Let’s BUILD YOUR PRACTICE!


And Hello FELLOW ACUPUNCTURIST!  Wow! I’m soooo glad you’re here and can’t wait to hear how your business starts to pick up by implementing key strategies we found made all the difference in creating our successful Practice. Little did we know it, but over the years, many of our colleagues referred to us as “legends” because of the success of our practice in little Missoula, Montana!  Then we discovered we were in the top 3% of all Chinese Medical practices in the nation!

Wow!  I had no idea…we just worked 24/7!   But, we know you can do even better with far less work by benefiting from our “tried and true” tips that took us years to learn and were instrumental in our success.

Thank you!

I want to say, “THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!!” YOU are amazing because you decided to help others, YOU had the foresight to decide to study the most incredible medical system on the planet that actually has the potential to change our entire medical system and YOU DID THE WORK to get licensed! Whew!!

80% Go Out of Business in 5 Years

One tiny problem… 80% of us have to close our doors because we can’t make it financially… And that’s why I’m here, blogging my little heart away to offer you as much help as I can so you can do the work you were born to do!

My heartfelt mission is to help EVERY Single Acupuncturist be as successful as they want to be and then help them go beyond their dreams to what they never dared to imagine was possible! The sky’s the limit!!

Why do less?? We want to help as many people as possible with this miraculous system of medicine, to change our patients’ lives, to improve their relationships and send the ripples of change around the world and move Chinese Medicine to the forefront of Health Care!

Business Success Solution

I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to prevent EVEN one more Of us from having to close our business, because we couldn’t make it work financially. This dire situation can ABSOLUTELY be turned around and better yet, … Prevented!


Caroline and Bryan
(I’m writing this while he’s sitting right beside me working on the technical details of bringing this blog to you! He says, “Hi!”)

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