Have people made fun of you?

I don’t know about you, but when I decided to go to Chinese medical school, my family thought I was crazy. They didn’t think this was “real” medicine. They said I was wasting my time. That I just needed to finally get out of school and do something with my life and get a job.

But I used this as motivation. I wanted to show them and myself that I had made a good choice and that I could help people and make a difference, that I could use my education and that the years of school and training had all been worthwhile.

Today it struck me that I was not alone. I discovered that a world famous chef, Niki Nakayama, owner of the world famous “n/naka” restaurant in Los Angeles had faced the same disbelief.

She was originally told she couldn’t be a chef by a chef/restaurant owner that she worked for. He didn’t think she could do it … and even made fun of her. Not only did she become a chef, she went on to become a world-class chef with her own restaurant and was even featured in a Netflix documentary series entitled “Chef’s table”

Niki said there’s even a special word in Japanese that is for “when someone puts you down or says you can’t do something and you then have a burning desire to prove them wrong.”

Do you have the desire? Do you have a determination to “not be less than” who you are?

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Caroline & Bryan

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