Gotta PEEP with Your Peeps!

The Number ONE Mistake Most Acupuncturists Made Today that will cause them Financial Despair, Forcing Them To Close Their Practice

People Who Need People

We are all about PEOPLE. Therefore, our ability to develop a relationship with our patients is absolutely essential. But how to do it??

…Practice makes perfect…

And, The only way to practice is to TALK with thousands of people from thousands of different backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. You see, and I never really thought about this until recently, …it’s not about us! We are so eager to help others and offer our knowledge and skills, that we may not have taken time to think about what our patients want and need and HOW they want our knowledge offered.

In other words, you and I have chosen to SERVE. We wanted to help other people, so we spent years studying and practicing and now have the knowledge. Unfortunately, we may not have developed all the social skills we need TO help others! Can we talk to the shy person as easily as the loud, irritable person? Can we help those who are very wealthy as easily as we help those who are very poor?


Our job is to be the person that our patient needs. If they are loud and boisterous, then we should reflect that same personality back to them as that is what they understand and appreciate and therefore can relate to, which gives us the best opportunity to help them! However, if they are shy and withdrawn, we should similarly speak more quietly and perhaps lean back in our chairs to be able to give them the space that they need. This will help them feel more comfortable to be themselves and feel comfortable confiding what they need to in order for us to help them from where they are psychologically and emotionally. It’s about our being who they need us to be so that we can helpB Tongue DX2 them and not being “who we are” because it’s not about us!!

So, it is ESSENTIAL to go to your computer first thing tomorrow morning and google “events” for your local area. Set up a booth, which can be as simple as a card table with a decent tablecloth, some business cards and a few brochures.

The key is to engage everyone that walks by.

I’ve found the best way to do this is to set up an easel with a giant picture of a tongue and ask passersby if they know that their tongue can tell you what symptoms they are likely suffering from.
As you speak with people, you will develop CONFIDENCE AND SKILLS you never realized you needed or that you could develop. It works like magic!


Caroline & Bryan

Creating Events that CRUSH IT!

Wow! I just spoke with a dear colleague who asked me how we were able to get so many new patients from the events we did! This is a really broad topic. There’s so much that goes into creating events that CRUSH IT!! But here are a few things to remember in terms of what’s called “mindset”.


Mindset is really about your mental perspective and preparation. By the way, did you realize you are selling yourself? That sounds weird to hear and feels uncomfortable to write, but this is a realization I had years ago and is a major reason why you will attract only a few people or a lot of people! People are really investing in YOU! Any patient that’s never been to an Acupuncturist before, will decide on you… based on YOU! It’s the amount of trust you inspire and the confidence you command, so it’s essential to address your state of mind before speaking to others at an event.2014 (47)

1. First of all, there’s nothing that’s more fun! You have the chance to talk with HUNDREDS of people! You might think this sounds TERRIFYING!!! But, think of it as an opportunity to hone your skills. Since I include Tongue examination, I get to see hundreds of tongues at events. This has dramatically improved my range of knowledge (I’ve seen things I NEVER saw in our textbooks!!) and my ability to correlate tongue patterns with symptoms.

By the way, super important, when you’re having fun with this, they’re having fun and will feel a connection with you, since you inspired this emotion, which makes them eager to work with you!

2. EXCITEMENT!!! This is CONTAGIOUS and CRITICAL!! If you’re not excited and passionate and able to convey that to this new person, a gem that you have the opportunity to polish and watch as you help bring them to their full potential of radiance, they won’t get excited about working with you!

3. So, DO NOT try to “sell” to them! Don’t sell them on you or the medicine.



In Fact, trying to “sell” or simply being too anxious to help will make them suspicious and push them away.  Remember the first few dates you had with a really nice guy you likely would have otherwise liked, accept for the fact that he was just too anxious and eager?  We always want what is just beyond our grasp, so be “cool” and relatively neutral.  You can still be excited about what you do but NOT OVERLY excited to have them make an appointment.

The good news is YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Simply tell them how much you know, how long you’ve trained and the amazing things the medicine can do and share with them what you see on their Tongue. Your passion and confidence will be irresistible.


I get really pumped up and start the event by listening to some of my favorite music that gets me excited and dancing and singing at the top of my voice! Of course, this is on the way to the event and I’m sure my fellow drivers think I’m nuts! Gyrating wildly with arms in the air!! It’s embarrassing… you get the picture.

So, remember, before your next event or speaking engagement or even before seeing the next new patient:

1. Listen to your favorite, “get pumped up” music, dance around wildly to get the Qi flowing and build your excitement and energy!
3. Relax and HAVE FUN with it!
and finally…

4. KNOW THAT YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY 5000 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!! Visualize the thousands of practitioners that poured the hearts and souls into this profound MEDICAL SYSTEM surrounding you with the GOLDEN LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE and then just let it all pour out!!

Here’s to your SUCCESS!!
Caroline & Bryan