Build Your Practice JING

Create PHENOMENAL Acupuncture Business SUCCESS by building your Practice JING!!

What is practice jing?? How do you create it? build it?

I only recently realized that business in general has changed dramatically in the last 2 years. For example, did you know that websites are less and less effective at reaching people or bringing them in for your care?! What, YOU SAY????

Yes! we’re all spIpad download 02 03 15 060ending a lot of time and money on our websites and because of the proliferation of them, people spend only a few seconds on them, if they happen across them at all, and then leave the site and NEVER RETURN!

With increased technology and software program sophistication, we can now reach millions of people, but how to do it effectively? How do we reach those who are actually looking for us, but don’t know where to go? Have questions and don’t know what to expect?? This brings us back to jing.

Your practice jing is your EMAIL LIST OF PROSPECTIVE PATIENTS and current patients. Your whole reason to exist as a practitioner is to help people, so they are our business jing, but I’m willing to bet that virtually none of you have an email list of current patients, much less prospective patients, that you actively communicate with so they get to know you and feel comfortable with you and Chinese Medicine in general.


So,It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you have a Landing Page on your website that offers a free gift of information, etc. so that you can already begin to help them and offer value in exchange for their email address. This then gives you the ability to email them with more free tips on health and lifestyle and diet so they get to know you and “try before you buy.”

A great place to start is with the company Leadpages (no, I have no stake in the company!).  They have tested templates so that you get to choose from templates that are actually successfully interesting the highest percentage of people.  A good template may interest 60-80% of people versus only 20-30% of people, thereby doubling the number of people you can reach.  I also like them in particular since they have weekly live tutorials to walk you through all the steps necessary to set up your landing page and start reaching all the people that need you.  FORGET THE FLYER!!

Your email list is everything and far better than a flat website, giving you the ability to engage/interest them over time, provided you offer them your expert knowledge in a tantalizing way.


Caroline & Bryan

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