Have people made fun of you?

I don’t know about you, but when I decided to go to Chinese medical school, my family thought I was crazy. They didn’t think this was “real” medicine. They said I was wasting my time. That I just needed to finally get out of school and do something with my life and get a job.

But I used this as motivation. I wanted to show them and myself that I had made a good choice and that I could help people and make a difference, that I could use my education and that the years of school and training had all been worthwhile.

Today it struck me that I was not alone. I discovered that a world famous chef, Niki Nakayama, owner of the world famous “n/naka” restaurant in Los Angeles had faced the same disbelief.

She was originally told she couldn’t be a chef by a chef/restaurant owner that she worked for. He didn’t think she could do it … and even made fun of her. Not only did she become a chef, she went on to become a world-class chef with her own restaurant and was even featured in a Netflix documentary series entitled “Chef’s table”

Niki said there’s even a special word in Japanese that is for “when someone puts you down or says you can’t do something and you then have a burning desire to prove them wrong.”

Do you have the desire? Do you have a determination to “not be less than” who you are?

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People need Your Help.. Let’s Heal the World!
Caroline & Bryan

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The #1 Easy, Free Way to Get New Patients

Wouldn’t you like to know how to get new patients in a way that is EASY … and FREE?? Many of us as acupuncturists pay someone to optimize our SEO and website. Or, we spend time to post on facebook or write a blog. It seems that EVERYTHING takes time or money!

But what if there was a way that took virtually no time or money to get new patients?? Sounds crazy and impossible, right?

It’s not! And, the best part is that you just have to take advantage of the things you’re already doing that has potential patients calling you!

Many of us don’t realize that when a prospective patient calls in and asks, “what do you charge for acupuncture?,” they’re really saying, “anyone can do acupuncture and I’m looking for what’s cheapest.” They have no idea that you have spent 3-4 years full-time to learn an enire medical system that has a number of treatment options, of which acupuncture is only one! AND… it may or may not be appropriate for them at this time!

So, if instead of directly answering, consider saying, “I’d love to answer your question, but can you tell me a little bit about your symptoms at the moment so that I can see if acupuncture would be the best option for you right now? I have spent 4 years learning the Eastern medical system and in my XX years of clinical experience, working with YY patients and giving ZZ treatments, I have found that sometimes acupuncture is the best first choice, but sometimes not.”

Then allow them to speak and encourage them to provide you with the details of how bad the symptom is, what other treatments they’ve tried, etc.. This way, you’ve expressed concern and spent time with them (without even charging them, so they know it’s not about the money) so they have a chance to get to know you, see that you’re a good, compassionate listener and therefore build their trust in you.

AND… this is why they will virtually always take you up on your recommendation: “based on what you’ve told me so far, I think it’s WORTH while to come in for a consultation so we can identify the root cause, further explore your full symptom profile and create an Action Plan to start solving it.”

Then, follow up with “I have a Tuesday at 4 or Wednesday at 10am… which works best for you?” Only give 2 appointment options to make it easy for them to choose.

Voila! You’ve saved the day by first providing good value over the phone and helped them realize that you’re NOT like everyone else, simply answering a question without providing more care, but that they’re a real person to you that you want to get to know better to see if you think you can help them.

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on this, so comment below and tell me what you think!

People need our help, Let’s Heal the WORLD!

Caroline & Bryan